The Mboka Team

Kadija George – Festival Co-Founder

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Kadija (George) Sesay, FRSA, is the Publisher of SABLE Litmag and editor of several anthologies of work by writers of African and Asian descent.

Her own published work includes the poetry collection, Irki, (Peepal Tree Press, 2013).  Kadija graduated from the inaugural class of the Kennedy Center of Performance Arts Management in 2002. She has created and co-ordinated  several literary events over the years from the British Museum to local community centres and has received several awards for her work in the creative arts.

Kadija created the first SABLE Literary Festival in The Gambia in 2007 and now  programmes the Mboka literary festival and bookfair.  Her motto is’ Art is the Heart of the Nation’, and it  is her long term objective to nurture this as a Pan African arts ideology, that starts in The Gambia.

Adama Bah

adama-bah_n.jpgAdama Bah worked and retired as a Manager in the hospitality industry in the Gambia.

He is an associate member of the International Centre for Responsible Tourism and an advisory member to the World Travel Market Responsible Tourism Day.

Adama co-founded the Institute of Travel and Tourism of Gambia (ITTOG) and since it was founded in 2008 has been the Chairman of the board of directors. ITTOG founded CAMP AFRICA which joined hands with Global Hands and SABLE publications to organize the yearly MBOKA Festival.

Musufing Whyles

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Musufing Whyles a ‘Jainaba’ of many trades and still counting! With a few decades of community health education and awareness under her belt she also works within and supports the arts, crafts and creative development fields. She’s a staunch ‘barefoot’ youth mentor and a radio DJ of eight years producing a music history show focusing on music from Africa and the African Diaspora and is currently writing and producing a radio monologue series.

As a part of the Mboka Festival, Musufing assists with the coordination of the festival on the ground in Gambia. A major part of this labour of love is to actively engage the local population and businesses to participate fully, on multi levels, to make Mboka a truly collaborative Gambian, African Diaspora extravaganza.