About Mboka

About The Mboka Festival for Arts Culture and Sport

Three organisations, Camp Africa, Global Hands and SABLE Publications who work towards cultural and economic development and empowerment through arts, culture and sport, joined their skills, experience and resources together to create the Mboka Festival. The aim was to create a rich festival of possibilities for visitors and Gambian citizens alike, to experience  Gambian culture and customs, new ones and those steeped in tradition.

These ideas and efforts have resulted in a 14-day festival that celebrates Gambian cultural heritage alongside African diasporic cultural heritage. The longer-term objects are to build towards a positive and peaceful and fruitful future that local Gambian can benefit from and visitors can experience. The Mboka Festival was launched in the midst of The Gambia’s new dawn in January 2017,  and inspired by that, the New Dawn literary event brings Gambian and international artists to the Mboka One Family stage.

In 2018, we continued to celebrate and build towards a positive and peaceful future.